OASE Artificial Root Drijfhout M

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Afmetingen (l x b x h) mm 252 x 155 x 350
Nettogewicht kg 1,42
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EAN 4010052340289

Artificial roots

Strength lies in the roots

And aquarium only then becomes an aquarium, when it reflects the full range of nature's perfection. We offer various natural replicates. Besides artificial stones wie also produce artificial roots: imitat-ing nature in it's intricate details, designed as Rootwood or as branches in a set. The aquarium stays free of toxins, as our artificial roots do not release Humin into the water.


  • Authentic imitations inspired by nature
  • Selection of two types of riverwood with delicate details and a great look
  • Guaranteed no release of humic substances into the water
  • Flexible material for effortless installation
  • For an authentic aquarium environment and unconventional hardscaping

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EAN-code 4010052340289
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